Unhealthy people get hurt twice as often as healthy people and when they do, the costs are higher.

2/3 of the U.S. workforce is overweight or obese, making them four times more likely to miss work. Obese men take 5.9 more sick days; obese women take an additional 9.4 sick days per year.

While tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disability and disease in the U.S., each year 8.6 million people suffer from a serious illness due to smoking.

70% of working Americans get little or no physical activity. Exercise has shown to improve work performance, attendance and satisfaction.

Workers who can’t perform because of health-related impairments cost employers 2-3X more than direct medical care, such as insurance and pharmacy costs.

Health insurance costs for U.S. employers have increased 73% on average since 2000.

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Healthcare reform is now law

The key to reducing costs is in your hands by empowering your workforce to get healthier.  

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